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The 28th house constructed by Frederick County high school students at the Career and Technology Center (CTC) is well under way.  This house is located at 115 West 13th Street. The Frederick County Student Construction Trades Foundation, Inc. (FCSCTF, Inc.) sponsors the educational project.

The FCSCTF, Inc. was formed to support Frederick County Public School students enrolled in career and technology programs and to assist students in learning about the career opportunities available in the construction industry.

The house is scheduled for completion in the spring or summer of 2010.  Students in grades 10 through 12 have designed the home with the help of FCSCTF, Inc. members  Students will install the plumbing, brick , electricity, carpentry and landscaping components.  Students are also learning how to manage the project.

The programs currently involved in the house project address construction management and many programs have articulated college credit and apprenticeship curriculum’s.  The following is a list of tasks students perform, either independently or side-by-side with professionals:

Carpentry: floor, wall and roof framing, stair construction, exterior and interior finishes, windows and doors, hardware, and concrete.  Instructors are John Clark and Frank Taylor.

Computer Aided Design: designs house, develops a project team to create working drawings with plot plan, foundation plan, floor plan, elevations, section views, details, window and door schedules, and three-dimensional views. Instructor is Clyde LaBrush.

Construction Electricity: installs temporary & permanent service, temporary lighting, rough wiring, phone, cable and computer wiring, central vacuum, intercoms, appliance hook up, and fixtures.  Instructor is James Rollins.

Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing, Air Conditioning: under slab rough-in, rough-in plumbing and sheet metal, gas lines, heating, cooling and plumbing, appliances, and fixtures.  Instructor is Rodney Foland.

Landscaping: designs and implements landscaping plan, plants lawn, flowerbeds, shrubs and trees, maintains property, installs walkways and patios.  Instructor is Carroll Shry.

Masonry: foundation, concrete, brick veneer, block, stone, sidewalks, fireplaces, and tile.  Instructor is John Clark.

Cabinet Making: Walkersville High School woodworking students design, construct and install the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Instructor is James Thuman.

CTC administrators who assist with the project are: Greg Solberg, Principal and Jeff Wood, Assistant Principal.

Construction technology students at CTC can earn up to nine college credits in the Frederick Community College Construction Management program.  Students are also taught a standardized curriculum that is nationally accredited and internationally recognized.  The program is approved by the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and its standards are approved by the Maryland Department of Labor.

The curriculum was developed by the National Center for Construction Education and Research and is sponsored locally by the Cumberland Valley Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC).  Each student in programs that participate is registered as an apprentice in the ABC program.  Although usually a three or four-year program after high school, depending on the course, graduates of construction technology programs receive one year’s credit towards the apprenticeship program because of the education received during the CTC construction technology course.   These apprenticeship credits, along with high school and college credits, combine to give students a jump-start on their post-secondary education.  FCSCTF, Inc. provides scholarships annually to students who plan to continue their career and technology education in college or other post-secondary schools.

Each of the construction technology programs has advisory committee members who meet with the instructors annually to discuss curriculum, critique students’ work at the house, and evaluate student performance.  This process ensures that the programs are up-to-date and are teaching the skills that are relevant to the needs of industry.  Each year during several of the construction phases, students work side-by-side with expert sub-contractor professionals.  Local contractors share their expertise by demonstrating how to install roof trusses, lay brick, hang and finish drywall, install heating and air systems and install finish flooring.  Many professionals invite the students to other job sites and businesses to observe how various tasks are accomplished.  Professionals demonstrate tasks then students are divided into small groups to practice the skills observed.

The students’ work is under constant scrutiny.  The student house project must receive the same government inspections as any other dwelling in Frederick City and Frederick County.  In addition to the government inspections, contractor members of program advisory committees and instructors inspect the work.   All inspections point out the students’ strengths and areas that need improvement or correction.  The end result is an excellent education and a well-built house.

It takes a lot of people and coordination to make the house project work.  In addition to the FCSCTF, Inc. providing this opportunity, FCPS provides the training facility, instructors, and equipment at CTC.  The transportation department provides the bus service and maintains the vehicles required to transport equipment.

Career and Technology Center course sign-up for the 2010-2011 school year is here.  High school students can make appointments now to shadow construction technology programs offered at CTC.  Any students interested in additional information should see their high school counselors or call the CTC guidance department at 240-236-8494.

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