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Belgard Pavers, on the concept of interlocking pavers, dates back over 2000 years ago to the Roman Empire.  The Romans developed a simple system for building roads, some of the roads are still in use today.

The roads were constructed with a well compacted base of lime and gravel, covered with a tight fitting cut stone, which produced an excellent and economical roadway that remained virtually maintenance free in all types of weather.

The modern version, interlocking concrete pavers, is manufactured in a variety of patterns to add vitality to any environment.

  • Interlocking pavers create style, color and eye-catching patterns while providing a durable and long-lasting surface.
  • Make a superior integrated system for residential and commercial vehicular requirements.
  • When properly installed require practically no maintenance.
  • Do not require expansion joints.
  • Resistant to spilled fuel and oil.
  • May be used immediately upon completion of installation.
  • May be disassembled to repair subgrade or underground services then reinstalled with no unsightly patch.
  • Skid and slip resistant surface.
  • Cooler surface.
  • Easy to work to grade transitions.
  • Long design life.
  • Low life cycle costs.
  • Interlocking concrete pavers do not crack like asphalt or poured-in-place concrete or stamped concrete. Flex without cracking.
  • Easy to repair and/or replace. Asphalt, concrete, and stamped concrete can’t make this claim.
  • Resist deterioration from freeze-unfreeze cycles and de-icing salts better than asphalt and better than ordinary poured-in-place concrete.
  • Concrete pavers come in many shapes and colors. Virtually unlimited combination of solid and blended colors, shapes and laying patterns.
  • Paving stones should last over 30 years, which is much longer than alternative pavements, under normal residential use.

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